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  Snake Pit    You have to eat on the run while dodging unforgiving obstacles and yourself.  Java
  Tail Gunner    Fast-paced, first-person, 3D space shoot-out.  Java
  Top Nibbles    A two player verson of the old snake game.  Java
  Maze 3D    A cool set of 3D labirints.  Java
  Asteroids    Asteroids - Retro baby!  Java
  Torpedo Alley    As the submarine captain, you must destroy all ten of the merchant ships.  Java
  Tetris    The classic game, complete with sound effects.  Java
  Ping Pong    It's so retro!  Java
  Socoban    Push every object into the marked place.  Java
  Word Search    You have to find and mark all the words that are listed.  Java
  Bridges    Bridges is a fun game. The object is for you create a red line before the computer.  Java
  Pacman    Yup, as good or better than the arcade version.  Java
  Mind Reader    Think of a number between 1 and 63 and the computer will guess it.  Java
  Rings    .  Flash
  Rubik    .  Flash


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