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Don't forget your friend's BirthDay anymore !
Organizer is simple program i've made to remembers me about comming Birth Days of my friends.
I've included option for managing possesions i've lent(loaned) to all these persons.

With Organizer you'll never forget your friend's birth days and what you have given whom.
A program called REMINDER.EXE starts each time you strart the Windows and check if someone has a birth day.
With other one ORGANIZER.EXE you may manage all these peoples.
Something like Rememberall .

If any proposals - don't hesitate to sent to

Current version 1.1 from 12.10.2005 (2 MB) ===> Download for win95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP..AB/CD/XY ... ;-)
Or if you already have an installed version use ===> Update link to change your EXE's.
P.S. And please let me know if you start using Organizer - by e-mail f.e.
Georgi Balchev

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